Hospitals, Health Care Costs in Marmaris and Turkey – October 2015

Questions and comments about health care in Turkey are being received. See comments at the bottom of this page as well..

Here is a recent comment of praise for the Devlet (State hospital) and another for optician Aladag Optik:  From Sherry Scholer and Roger Hill “S/v Equanimity arrived in Marmaris several days ago and we have been using tips from the Marmaris Bay Cruisers website. We contacted Suzanne at Devlet Hospital and had an exceptionally good experience there. Suzanne is wonderful and the service (dermatology, opthamology, gynacology and mammogram) was great!  I also went to Aladag Optik and Ata helped me get situated with new glasses (and a discount). Thanks so much for this information, it has really helped us here.”

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one question and its answer: ” Can I receive NHS treatment in the UK if I reside in Turkey?  Answer: If you live permanently in Turkey you are not entitled to healthcare paid by the UK government. The NHS is a residence based health care scheme.  However this may soon change, meaning if you do live permanently overseas, you will be given free access to NHS healthcare. However, you will only receive free healthcare if you have paid 7 years or more of national insurance contributions.” from  and, more recent information:

Updated information is in red type below.

To learn more health insurance companies in Turkey and the Marmaris area, see

In addition to practical knowledge below, please note:  (health-care services for foreigners in Turkey).  Thanks to Rob Greaves for this site address.  

*******   We continue to receive raving reviews about the Devlet (State) Hospital  and the new private hospital in Beldibi (Yucelen). The reviews are verbal, unfortunately, so they don’t appear here!    If you have comments about hospitals, health care costs, clinics, etc. please let us all know.

The Beldibi hospital is Ozel Yucelen Hospital, telephone number 0252 419 10 10.  The last 4 numbers may be used as emergency numbers.

There is also a facebook description and parts of it are translatable, while other sections remain in Turkish.    If you’re NOT  on Facebook, check out their website at    I’ve heard it is “state-of-the-art” and has all medical facilities and physicians.  If you have a resident visa and kimlik number (the kimlik number is the most valuable number), register at  the desk.  Prices are then less than usual. The kimlik number, should you have forgotten, is your Turkish Identity Number.  (see separate post KIMLIK) I’ve also heard that fees in this new hospital are less than those charged at Ahu Hetman.

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hos10072_marmaris_state_hospital_2_1Government Hospital in Marmaris (The Devlet or Marmaris State Hospital). It is located on Old Datca Road, just up the hill behind Kipa.   11 April, 2015, Hospitals:Many of us in Marmaris Bay highly recommend the Devlet (State) hospital which has recently been upgraded and become a foreigners’ (Resident permit holders especially)  user friendly hospital.  Take your resident permit, passport and any health insurance documents with you.  When you enter the hospital, take a number from the machine “Cash Desk” and go to that desk.  desks are labeled in Turkish and English. Ask the clerk there to call an interpreter.  One very go0d interpreter is Suzanne… IF you can, call her before to even go to the hospital (0506 168 2716).  She will meet you there and guide you personally to the doctor you need to see.  In advance, Suzanne will book you an appointment with any doctor.  Suzanne does everything — just follow her.  She is fantastic!  Note the hospital’s main number should you need it:  0252 413 4454 (and 4455 and 4456).  Emergency phone number is 182.  Services, equipment and professionals are top quality. 


State hospitals are almost everywhere in Turkey.  See:  and

Comments from our liveaboards & cruisers:

Dentists:  Many of use Dr., Necip AlBarak (pronounced Najeeb).  He is located on the corner where the Fitness Centre tennis courts are .. just before the turn the Yat Marina bus takes into town.  Call him  direct 0505 950 2338.  If he doesn’t answer right away, he will call you back.  He is also one of our Supporters — see his logo on the left hand side of this post. 

 From: Calle, a Swedish guy in Bozburun. “In the end of  june this year, I injured a finger using a machine at the Locatürk shipyard in Bozburun. I Went to the public hospital in marmaris.
The service was splendid. As soon as they realized that I am a foreigner, I was appointed a personal (nice young lady) interpreter who followed me around to the different “stations” in the hospital.
All of the personell were very kind.My finger was cleaned, x-rayed and stiched and I got a prescription for the necessary medicine. Thanks to my Ikamet (Residence permit) I only had to pay a very small fee. Two weeks later (when I was out sailing with my wife) I visited the public hospital in Datcha. Also here the service was very good although the male receptionist took about 30 minutes to figure out how much I should pay. He first pointed at a written information on the wall, saying in English that all foreigners must pay 80 TL for a visit. I protested and showed him my Ikamet, and after 30 more minutes of checking his computer, written manuals ete etc, he finally wrote me a bill of 19 TL. (I didn´t even have to show my passport, I had forgotten it in the boat).
Now, my finger is almost ok, although a bit shorter than before… According to these experiences, I am prepared to say that the public Healthcare in Turkey is better than in Sweden!”

 re the Devlet (State) hospital, another comment:  “I recently had reason to use the facilities of the Devlet (state) Hospital in Marmaris and was very impressed with the service and cost especially after having used the local private hospitals (no names mentioned).  Immediately on arrival a young lady appeared to act as a translator who was very professional and helpful.  She seemed to disappear when not needed and appear whenever we had a contact with the doctors or nurses. We moved from department to department efficiently and did not seem to waste time waiting although I imagine there would be delays on Mondays or Fridays which seem to be their busy days.     I was very pleasantly surprised at the cost totalling 135 TL which included 15.5 TL on arrival and 65 TL for an MRI scan of my head (indicating there was a well-used brain located inside)was given along with the  CD  results in case I need to prove this fact to friends at a future date.  The cost included two interviews with the neurologist.     I have had previous experience with the Yucelan Hospital in Mugla where I was charged 5,000 TL by the anaesthetist for several hours work only to later discover that he would have been paid 955 TL had he performed the same service in downtown Toronto.  I do not have local insurance and  presented my only my residence permit (Ikamet) and passport.      There was no effort to check  me into  hospital  for overnight “observation” (several hospitals want to keep one overnight to fill  vacant beds!). ”


hosdownloadAhu Hetman Hospital, Tel. 0252 417 7777

Two friends went to Ahu Hetman hospital recently.  Both had residence permits. Cost-wise this means fees for health care are less than tourist visa holders.  However, although not exorbitant, the two friends noticed a  rising  increase in prices:

Consult fee with doctor 110 TL (versus previously charged 100 TL)

X-ray cost 56-60 TL (versus previously charges  50 TL)

However,  a full medical of at least 10 test and after test consultations with 10 doctors, the price of 720 TL remains the same.  It is a full one day medical.

In addition, the two friends learned that Ahu Hetman hospital will soon close for up to 2 months for extensive renovation, beginning the week of 9 March 2013.


For additional information on all health facilities and hospitals visit

There is also a Yucelen  hospital in Mugla (1 hour away by road) and more than one hospital in Izmir (about three and a half hours away by road). Always ask for prices of treatments, x-rays, and other services ahead of time.

Our “Neighbourhood” Clinic
The closest clinic is adjacent to Old Tansas, across the street from Yapi Kredi bank. I’ve used this for first aid matters, cholesterol, blood and other routine tests. IF you have a 12 month or longer residence visa you may wish to register at this clinic. You will then receive services, if not totally free of charge, but at a reduced charges. services free of charge for residence permit holders.

In general, this link carries important information for the whole of Turkey:


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  1. Comment by Sherry Scholer and Roger Hill:

    S/v Equanimity arrived in Marmaris several days ago and we have been using tips from the Marmaris Bay Cruisers website. We contacted Suzanne at Devlet Hospital and had an exceptionally good experience there. Suzanne is wonderful and the service (dermatology, opthamology, gynacology and mammogram) was great! I also went to Aladag Optik and Ata helped me get situated with new glasses (and a discount). Thanks so much for this information, it has really helped us here.

  2. Comment by Magnus Cedergren:


    Thanks for all valuable information. Good work!
    A question: Where can I find information about rescue routines at sea in Marmaris?

    Magnus Cedergren (MIKI)
    Ponton L, Netsel Marina

    • Comment by Gwen:

      Magnus, sorry but it would be quite lengthy to go into rescue at sea, unless you are asking for a rescue routine in or near Marmaris Bay. Suggestions are 1) call the coast Guard via VHF 16 2) call Coast Guard on your GSM phone (158), 3) VHF your nearest marina.

      IF you wish, we can get a seminar about this going.. in the fall when everyone is back.

  3. Comment by Gwen:

    From one of our Marmaris Bay cruisers ” I had severe toothache on returning from our sailing trip last week. ( 9th October ) We looked on the MBC website and I went to see Dr. Necip Albayrak. He was superb, came back from his break early to see me. He was very professional and kind and sorted out the problem immediately. I would highly recommend him. Juliet Broadfield (S/Y EMMA B)”

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