Winter Projects 2016-2017

The full-time live-aboard can find himself surprisingly busy with boat projects over the winter.  Some projects are required maintenance and others are attempted improvements.

In chronological order, here is how I spent my winter vacation:

Fuel filters.  I have never had a problem with dirty fuel or diesel bug but, I change both primary and secondary filters every other year anyway.

Engine Oil.  Changing the oil and filter once a season seems to be enough.  Some will disagree.

Intermediate Shroud Replacement.  When we bought Ocean Dream our surveyor recommended changing the standing rigging based on age (20+ years) and passed the suggestion on to my insurance company.  I replaced the lowers last winter and intended to replace the intermediate shrouds and cap shrouds this winter and thought I could do so without taking off the mast.

I was able to take off the intermediates but, in the process discovered that my spreader tips would not allow removing the cap shrouds without also loosening the intermediates.

Clamping spreader tip

Clamping spreader tip

That would leave me dangling from the top of a 13 meter mast with no support above 4 meters. (more…)

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